VoxTAP was founded during the 2009-2010 academic year for the purposes of charting the intellectual landscape and professional network of what was, at the time, the burgeoning field of Voice Studies. Two years later, and thanks in part to the existence of VoxTAP as a space in which to build quorum, Voice Studies has reached critical mass, as evidenced by the recent UCHRI residency on Vocal Matters, the fall 2011 special journal issue of American Quarterly—Sound Clash, and ever proliferating panels on voice at conferences such as MLA, AAA, ASA, and SEM. Voice Studies has become a recognizable and interdisciplinary community of scholars, and VoxTAP members are now embarking on the cooperative endeavor of developing the vocabularies, methodological tools, and critical analytics necessary to broker conversations with, and to intervene in formations of knowledge-power that are, so to speak, lodged in the throat. Departing from a shared understanding that voice is “a political project and an analytical means to understanding…social worlds, ”[i] VoxTAP looks to the 2012-2013 academic year with the goal of developing new paradigms—theoretical and practical—for grappling with the fundamentally complicated questions of what it means to ‘voice.’ Towards this end, VoxTAP programming for 2012-2013 is conceptualized around Blog Salons, four sets of online discussions in which four scholars dialogue on a topic that is a node of shared concern and questioning across disciplines. VoxTAP’s Blog Salons are designed as capstone events following presentations of individual work, as sites for the synthesis of a common mode of intellectual production between brick and mortar campuses and disciplinary affiliation.

[i] Roshanak Kheshti. “Critical Stages: The Social Space of Sound: Interview with Daphne Brooks and Roshanak Kheshti.” By Patrick Anderson. Theatre Survey, 52.2 (November 2011): 330.


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