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You Know You Want to Be a Salon Blogger….

Four Blog Salon events structure VoxTAP’s 2012-2013 programming, and are structured around the following themes:

Vocal Materiality and the Politics of Exchange — 10/16/12

Vocal Epistemology/Vocal Practice — 12/11/12

The Dark Side of Discourse: voice, language, communication — 03/19/ 13  

Resonance & Transmission — 05/07/13

Ideally, we’d love to hear 4 different perspectives (from scholars, artists, engineers, etc ) on each topic — adding up to an exciting panel of 16 speakers this year alone. Please contact any one of the VoxTAP coordinators if you’d like to join the conversation!



VoxTAP has recently been refunded as a UC Berkeley Townsend Center for the Humanities working group, and is excited to get the ball rolling with an exciting year of programming. This year, to embrace all the at-home and extended members of the VoxTAP network, we’re moving towards a Blog Salon group model. Read more about that on our ‘Mission’ page. In the meantime, get ready for an exciting 2012-2013 year for voice studies.