Writing Voice Lineup

VoxTAP will be holding it’s first Writing Voice workshop this Thursday, 12/03/09, from 3-5 pm in 126 Dwinnelle Annex.

The Writing Voice initiative is an opportunity for scholars and artists to workshop emerging  projects and to question: what does it mean to write voice, and what are the stakes in this inscription?

For this workshop, the group will be discussing and giving commentary on forthcoming articles from scholars in three different fields. Participants are encouraged to read the articles and come prepared to give feedback.

  • Brandon Woolf: Berkeley PhD, Department of Performance Studies. Brandon’s article, “Stew’s Passing (Made) Strange,” is a critical look at the Tony Award Winning musical ‘Passing Strange’ by singer-songwriter, Stew. This piece has recently been accepted by the prestigious Theatre Journal, and Brandon has included with his submission a digest of the readers’ reports. Brandon asks that we read his article, and measure feedback with these issues in mind.
  • Anastasia Kayiatos: Berkeley PhD, Slavic Languages and Literatures. Anastasia’s article, Sooner Speaking than Silent, Sooner Silent than Mute,” examines “hearing” pantomime, deaf performance, and the new Soviet speaking subject after Stalin. Anastasia’s article was recently accepted by Theatre Survey. 
  • Mara Mills: Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at U Penn and an Assistant Professor of English at the University of California, Santa Barbara (on leave 2009-2010). She received her Ph.D. in History of Science from Harvard University. Mill’s article, “Media and Prosthesis: The Case of the Artificial Larynx and the Vocoder,” is forthcoming–in German–in an anthology titled Klangmaschinen, edited by Daniel Gethmann. The Klangmaschinen anthology grew out of a conference on “sound machines” held last spring at the Institute for Media Archaeology in Austria. The conference itself was part of an exhibit Mills believes the VoxTap group will find interesting:http://www.ima.or.at/klangmaschinen/db/?lang=en. Mills is hoping to revise and extend “Media and Prosthesis” for publication in an English-language journal, and is excited to premiere this project with the Writing Voice workshop.

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