VotTAP Digest


VoxTAP texts held a wonderfully productive discussion of Jonathan Sterne’s recent article, “Enemy Voice,” this past Monday (11/16). For those of you unable to attend or skype-in, feel free to get a recap by listening to the audio mp3 of our group discussion: VoxTAPtexts11.16.09

Upcoming VoxTAP Texts:

  • 11/23/09: 4-6 pm, 126 Dwinnelle Annex:: Come to discuss Johan Sundberg’s classic text The Science of the Singing Voice. Understand the basic structure and function of the voice; from anatomy to articulation, this meeting will provide you with the standard knowledge necessary for communicating cross disciplinarily about voice as organ and instrument.

Soliciting Submissions for Writting Voice:

  • 12/03/09:: The Writing Voice initiative is an opportunity for scholars and artists to workshop emerging  projects. If you would like to submit an article, chapter, essay, script, transcript or score, etc. for peer review, commentary and discusison, please contact Caitlin Marshall (simms.cm@gmail.com) or Robert Beahrs (robeahrs@berkeley.edu). Submissions due by 11/27/09.

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