VoxTAP Launches!

VoxTAP is an interdisciplinary confederation and forum for scholars, artists and professionals interested in and working on voice.

Based at the University of California, Berkeley and funded by the Townsend Center for Humanities, VoxTAP strives to bring the various discourses on voice into dialogue with one another, compare and learn  tools and techniques for approaching voice, and examine the various political prerogatives that underpin our knowledge of and interventions in voice.

While current VoxTAP programming is supported on the Berkeley campus, the group aspires to build a collaborative network extending beyond these borders; we enthusiastically invite participants from all and any terrain. Here’s how you can get involved:

  • If you live in, near, or are visiting the Bay Area, please feel free to attend any VoxTAP event! Check the blog for programming listings and updates.
  • If you would like to participate remotely, you might consider skype-ing in to an event. (Please email the site administrator for details.)
  • Texts and sound clips to be discussed in monthly working group meetings will be posted online (with necessary permission). Members are encouraged to read and blog about these resources; group meeting notes will be circulated via the site as well.
  • Please contact the site administrator if you’d like your work–artistic or scholarly–to be discussed in the Writing Voice initiative. (More below).
  • All lectures and masterclass events that are part of the Speaker or Alternative Embodiment Series will be recorded and archived on, or linked to through this blog. Performances will be archived pending artist consent. Please contribute to the VoxTAP project by blogging or commenting on these events.
  • Contact the site administrator if you’d like to add links to work you find relevant!
  • Please keep the VoxTAP community updated on voice-related projects and performances. Ask questions, seek collaborators, and give your 2 cents.

Finally, while group chairs Robbie Beahrs and I (Caitlin Marshall) have been spearheading VoxTAP programming to date, we are excited to accomodate your interests and needs. Please contact the site administrator or post suggestions on group reading, artist and speaker invitations, and larger initiatives–such as conferences, retreats, or symposia; we look forward to your contributions!

Caitlin Marshall & Robert Beahrs


One response to “VoxTAP Launches!

  • akayiatos

    It’s so exciting to see so much work being done on the material voice in and outside of Berkeley.
    I’d like to suggest we read/invite Mara Mills, who works on voice and sound technologies and deafness.

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